Step by step

Stage #1


During an initial free home visit I will advise on all areas of home extension including:

  • Feasibility
  • Design
  • Cost
  • Planning permission
  • Building regulations

I will discuss your ideas with you, pointing out any obvious difficulties with your choice of alterations. It is better to know or anticipate these before you start spending money!

On appointment I require a £200 deposit.  

Stage #2


 Following the consultation I will carry out a detailed survey of your property so that planning drawings can be produced. We will develop a brief together on the accommodation requirements to enable me to produce the floor plans and elevations.

The survey will consist of measurements of each room in your house using a laser measure for accuracy and I will sketch out the existing floor plan of the property.

Photographs for the property will also be taken.

This is the stage where your ideas for your property can start to materialise.

Stage #3


 I will then produce drawings and we will meet at your property to discuss and adjust them to your satisfaction. On your approval that all details are correct I will produce drawings using the latest computer aided drawing (CAD) facility.

Realistic three dimensional drawings can be obtained at a further cost if required.

Stage #4


Following our meeting to discuss the drawings at your property, I will make any amendments to the drawings and prepare all the required documents and drawings for planning approval.

At this stage I will normally call you to clarify every detail of the application.

You may not require planning permission if you wish to extend your property within the permitted development rights. This will have been discussed with you during the initial free on site consultation

Stage #5



The planning application will be submitted including all drawings and required documents for planning approval.

The local authority will take 8 weeks to make a decision on the project.

 If for some reason the application is refused then an appeal can be made against their decision. This is a rare procedure as I would advise on any potential planning obstacles/policies at the initial consultation.

At this stage a payment of 50% of my fee quotation is to be paid.

Stage #6


Assuming planning permission has now been granted, most building projects will now require approval from the building control department of your local council. We will also project the expected costs you will be likely to incur from your local council or hired specialists (eg structiral engineers, party wall consultants) in addition to our drawing fee. The drawings will be revised so that they include all the detailed construction notes, details and specifications that are required for building regulations approval.

Stage #7


As with the planning process, you can then check the building regulations drawings and approve them once an agreement is reached that all details on the drawings are correct.

Stage #8


Once you have approved the drawings, I will complete all the necessary paperwork and submit the drawings to your local building control department.

At this stage the remaining payment of 40% of my fee quotation is to be paid. 

Stage #9


Once your council have received the cheque, paperwork and drawings from us, they will deliberate over the application for a maximum of 5 weeks. On approval you are then required to contact your local council to book site visits at specific times during the construction process. This will all be explained at the time of submission.